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Privacy Policy

Shanti (“Navigation app”) is designed from the ground up to protect your privacy. We do not collect personal information associated with your Shanti Navigation app usage, except when you submit information through feedback on the route sending Ratings and Photos or Report an Issue.

Welcome to Shanti's Privacy Policy ("Policy") Here we explain how we collect, store, protect and share your information, and with whom.

We work hard to collect only the data we need to make your experience better. When we collect data, we believe it’s important for you to know what we’re collecting and why we need it.

and Sync

Sign in using your email, your sign in information may be saved on your phone. Your information is encrypted. For example, your Favorites, History, and Guides are encrypted end-to-end so Shanti cannot read them. When you share your ETA with other Shanti Navigation app users, Shanti cannot see the shared location.


Use of your location is required for most Shanti Navigation app features to function optimally. Because your location can give away your identity, we convert precise locations to less-exact locations within 24 hours.

You can disable the location-based functionality of Shanti Navigation app by going to Settings > Shanti Navigation app > Location. Certain Shanti Navigation app features such as turn-by-turn navigation will be unavailable if you disable this setting.

If Location Services is turned on, information about routing, and nearby points of interest will be used in an anonymous, aggregated form to improve Shanti Navigation app.


In addition to the information listed above, details about your route are also sent to Shanti when you make a navigation or directions request in Shanti Navigation app, including:

  • Origin and current device location, if you have authorized Shanti Navigation app to access your location

  • Destination

  • Mode of transport, including whether you are walking, cycling or using public transport.

  • A random identifier, which is created when you ask for directions and exists for the duration of your navigation session

We convert precise locations from your device and the origin of your route to less-exact locations within 24 hours.

Using Shanti Navigation app

When you use Shanti Navigation app, the following information is sent to Shanti:

  • Time of your request

  • Device model and software version

  • Input language

  • Device location, if you have authorized Shanti Navigation app to access your location

  • Boundaries of the map area visible on your device

  • Interactions with Shanti Navigation app, including search terms you use and places you view

We also collect data on application, device, and network configuration and performance when using Shanti Navigation app. Individual usage metrics are associated with an identifier that rotates multiple times per hour, and is not tied to your user ID. This means that Shanti Navigation app cannot search for information about you based on an identifier linked to you or your device.

Longer-lived identifiers are used for application performance, aggregate usage metrics, and to maintain the integrity of the service. These longer-lived identifiers are not attached to your user ID or other information that might identify you, such as your precise location or search queries.

You have the choice to give feedback on the route through Ratings & Photos, which is a feature within the Shanti Navigation app that allows you to publicly post ratings, photos, and other content to points of interest (“POIs”). You can also choose to report issues to Shanti using the Report an Issue feature. Unlike your other activity in the Shanti Navigation app, reports you make and ratings and photos that you share within the feature are linked with your user ID. 

Data Use and Sharing with Third Parties

Shanti may use certain information collected to provide and improve Shanti Navigation app and other location-based products and services.

Shanti shares movement data, POI data, and aggregated user analytics with our partners. However, data is shared only if certain minimum thresholds are met, in order to prevent these partners from correlating this information back to any specific Shanti Navigation app user.

When you Report an Issue within the Shanti Navigation app relating to a third-party data provider, Shanti may provide the third party with information from your reported issue in order to help fix it. Shanti shares information with such third parties only when it’s necessary to fix an issue and first seeks to delete any information from which you can be identified.

Data that is sent to Shanti may be processed and stored by trusted third-party service providers.


We do not collect or retain personal information associated with your Shanti Navigation app usage, with the exception of Ratings & Photos and Report an Issue. If you have questions about your Shanti Navigation app usage, or would like to reach our Data Protection Officer, you can contact us at

Cambios en la política y P

Shanti is always looking to improve, so the service may be subject to change. Therefore, Shanti reserves the right to update and/or modify the Privacy Policies at any time. You will be able to review any changes at

If you have any questions about using the Shanti Navigation App or wish to contact our Data Protection Officer, you can contact us at



​ At all times, information collected by Shanti will be treated in accordance with Shanti's Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Published Date: June 14, 2022

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